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Simple Posts

No complicated formatting or views for simple posts. Just what you need, in a clean and easy to read Rich Embed.

Readable Quotes

You can easily distinguish quotes, see their authors, and even a link to the original topic.

All the features

  • Fast and responsive updates posted typically within minutes.
  • Entire post generally available in a clean embed.
  • Includes a link to the post for easy access to the conversation.
  • Quotes standout and are easy to understand.
  • Usable links are included in post seamlessly.
  • The author, timestamp, and their avatar, all cleanly displayed.
  • Zero bots.Zero Hassle.
  • Frequent updates and improvements.
  • Easy to use web application for managing your hooks.

DevTracker 2.0

New in version 2 is an easy to use webapp to signup to use the service.

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